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Hi everyone, Today I want to share about README on Github.

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README is the main and key file for your project or working repository. As per the statistics 30 Million Developers are using Github, so the description/guidelines to our works should be so proper and globally understandable. For this, Github uses a specific file called, Here md stands for markdown. Github uses markdown language style for content. In this article we will see how to use markdown language effectively in a README file and a new feature that is (README for your profile through github special username repository). Nowadays, Github profile is growing as the RESUME for every developer. I will share some of the cool tips to create an attractive README for your profile.

Before going to create a perfect README for your github profile, you need to grasp some knowledge about Markdown.

Markdown :

Markdown is a markup language that offers a lean approach to content editing. It defines a lightweight syntax that strips out the overhead inherent to HTML, providing a more approachable creation experience.

It has become the standard for sites like GitHub. Github also has a feature of Github Flavoured Markdown(GFM) — a series of syntax highlighting.

Tips and Tricks in Markdown :

  • If you want to bold your text , use **
Ex : Hi I am **Rathesh**    
O/p : Hi I am Rathesh
  • Using italics in text is as easy as surrounding the target text with an asterisk *
Ex : Hi I am *Rathesh*
O/p : Hi I am Rathesh
  • Headings : HTML provides content headings, such as the <h1> tag. In Markdown, this is supported via the # symbol. Just use one # for each heading level from 1–6.
Ex : ###### This is H6 text
  • Link : You can use the very similar syntax for linking images as well as sites.
Ex : For Image,
![Link an image](https://xyz.image.png)
For Site,
[Link to Mysite](
  • List : In markdown, you are able to create ordered as well as unordered list. Ordered lists start with numbers and unordered lists can use asterisks or dashes (-).
Ex :
- First
- Second
- Third

You can also define nested items through indentation

Ex :
- First
- Second
- Third
  • Code : If you want to mention one line code, use ``
Ex : This is `code`.If you have a code segment spanning multiple lines, you can use three grave accent(```)Ex :```
var x = 1;
var y = 2;var sum = x + y;```

GFM extends this support with syntax highlighting for popular languages. Just specify the language as part of the first tick sequence.

Ex :``` javascriptvar x = 1;var y = 2;var sum = x + y;```
  • You can also able to add emoji to your README, emoji starts with colon and ends with colon
Ex - :smile:     :+1:

These are the basic things you need to learn before sketching your README.

Tips for profile README :

As I already told that, README is the key file for your repository, You can add

  • Title
  • Project Description
  • Subheading (if any)
  • Module Description (Use bulletin)
  • Contribution Method (if any)
  • Social Media Links (Optional)

These are the mandatory one’s for your project repository, you can add more if you want some other things to tell.

Now, I will share some of the tips for making good GITHUB Profile README

  1. Include your name at the top (Add your name as anchor to your website/portfolio if any)
  2. Add a very short description about yourself.

Ex : I am a passionate developer who loves to work on C, Python. I wish to do many projects. Etc.,

3. Add your social media links (Ex: Linkedin, Twitter, Medium, Telegram, Whatsapp, Gmail etc.,)

4. Describe some of the cool works which you made.

5. Edit the content which is already given in the README template.

6. Add some stats regarding your profile, contributions.

7. If you are a blog writer, you can add your recent blog links too.

8. If you developed any small game in js/html/css or any stack, you can just embed that to make your visitors crazy and fun.

9. If you are a designer, add some design to your README.

10. Design your README, according to your passion!

Here, I added my README too, you can use it for reference Rathesh Prabakar if you like this, fork and start editing for your profile.

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