Personal Branding -A Trump Card for your career

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Hello all 🙂,

Today, I am here to share some points on personal branding and self leadership. How these two things are very important in everyone’s life and how it will be helpful for your career. Infact I am a student, I gonna tell you how the personal branding changed my career.

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As a student we are having some targets right ?? When I was entering in to my first year, I fixed some goals to succeed in my career. First thing is to brand myself.

Yes absolutely, now a days personal branding is very important for each and every one. Personal branding involves your technical skills, your social projection, your online reputations, how you react in front of others.

Personal branding will give you the lot of opportunities for your career. It will help you to build your influence.

90 Seconds plan :

To create the personal brand, I personally recommend 90 seconds plan. Because the main prerequisite for the process of creating personal brand is identifying your target audience. To identify your target audience, you must do a research on your interest.

Take a paper, set a timer for 90 seconds and start listing your strengths, interest or passion, your weakness. Yes now read down the points which you are mentioned in 90 seconds. Here the character of self leadership will come in to the play. Self leadership is like an ability to guide yourself and accept responsibilities for your thoughts and actions. Analyze yourself and differentiate yours with past and future.

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What is meant by Online Reputation ?

If you start thinking and working on yourself, you will definitely get what you need. Once you find out your target audience, you need to make a strategy to brand yourself. Don’t forget Networking is the tool for creating personal brand.

Yes, now you made a strategic plan to hit your target audience, Awesome !!

Next step is to create and manage a good online reputation for you. This is the heart of your personal branding. Everyone is changing their business, studies, work etc., towards digital. Your digital reputation will be the trump card for your personal branding. Infact now a days, almost every hiring process is going virtual and at the same time every companies are giving importance to your online reputations.

Note : Creating your online reputations are very important but it should be true to your heart.

Platforms to create an online reputations :

Social media is a real way to express your values and your offer to people everywhere. Your online profiles will give you the key for your door. Firstly I can say it is absolutely LinkedIn. LinkedIn will definitely play an awesome role and it will be your trump card for career path. It is the professional platform widely used by hiring managers, recruiters, industrial leaders etc.,

Two ways to hit your target audience in LinkedIn :

  • Story Telling
  • Projecting your passion

Key aspects of personal branding :

While creating online reputations, you need to keep an eye on this three things.

  • Be a resource — You should help others since your growth depends upon how much you contributed to others. (Contribution)
  • Stay in touch — Be available and help others to elevate their career. (Collaborative)
  • Always be genuine — Be a trustable person by being true.

Online Profiles :

Your online profiles will be the biggest asset to choose the right path for your career. Before creating online reputations, Ask yourself ,

Does your online profile send a consistent message about you ? — This is a very very important thing.

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  • Your GitHub profile will show your technical skills.
  • Your LinkedIn will show your professional skills.
  • Your Facebook profile will project your social values.

So now, a thing will strike your mind Creating online reputations means creating profiles in all social medias, isn’t it ? — It’s totally wrong. you need to hit your target audience that is your only goal to create a personal brand for yourself, right ?? You need to choose the platform which is more related to your strategy and target audience.

Note : 90% of communication will occur through non verbal !!

So you need to showcase your online reputation as much as possible by posting relevant things, share your thoughts and act according to that environment.

Yes, we reached the end of our article. I hope everyone got some thoughts about personal branding and online reputations. Awesome !!! Let’s implement 90 seconds plan and kick start your strategy by today itself.

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